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Cycling, your familiar exercise

All of us had learnt since childhood, the excitement of getting on your two wheel friend for the first time in life. It had taught you how to balance yourself in circumstances and often times when you grow older, a mean of transit in a distance suitable for your level of muscle strength.

Nowadays, all that is said, Cycling is one of the world widest spread hobby for better health and well-being. It helps tone your body significantly and increase your endurance level.


Join the latest Bangkok Bank Cycle Fest in Pattaya

This 2017 Bangkok Bank Cycle Fest will be held in Pattaya at Siam Country Club. Get yourself a great sense of Pattaya beach road for the festival will occured on 11-12 November 2017. Pick from 7 competition categories and enter the real endurance of a cyclist. Bangkok Bank Cycle Fest provides up to 7 competition categories in order to involve all cyclists to the competition since Clycling has become truly popular in Thailand. IMG Bangkok Bank and Siam Country Club expect all ages and all levels of strong cyclist to pour in. Check out your Category at the official website here


Why Cycling and nothing else?

The reason for Bangkok Bank, the festival main sponsor, in choosing Cycling over other type of sport competition was explained through Dr. Thaweeplap Rittapirom, Director and Executive Vice President of Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited. “As per the global trend in health and wellness, cycling has become one of the fastest growing sporting activities in Asia,” He added also with concrete fact ; With millions of cycling enthusiasts across the continent and in Thailand, bicycling events are growing more and more popular, and given the rise of the affluent middle class in Asia, we can expect the sport’s growth to accelerate dramatically in the near future. All this concluded that Bangkok Bank Cycle Fest is a choice well made by Bangkok Bank executive with a vision for health and trendy activity that is also family-friendly.


Proudly presents Ambassador directly from Tour de France

Bangkok Bank Cycle Fest has one devoted cyclist who also participates in Tour de France round and a world record holder from Germany, Mr. Jens Voigt. He is main creator for “Ride like a Pro” tips and technique alongside Bangkok Bank Cycle Fest. Voigt enjoyed global popularity throughout his professional career, and few know better about the importance of riding safely and sensibly to get maximum enjoyment from the sport. Voigt is a real advocate in riding safely and will be giving useful example and also compete in Bangkok Bank Bicycle Fest 2017


Safe Riding Tips for Cyclist

The official website for Bangkok Bank Cycle Fest 2017 incorporated Safe riding tips for cyclist as one separate post so any cyclists could learn and find it beneficial for their trip. The tips on the website include how to use hand signals correctly and another useful philosophy of cycling worth checking out.


Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya Promotion for Cyclist

And as Cyclist would spend their weekend participate in Bangkok Bank Cycle Fest. We would like to offer a promotion special only for cyclist who participated, A room for 2900 Baht per night with Breakfast for 2 included. The promotion is for participant to stay during the date of 7 until 13 of November 2017.


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